PERU From....$240 per person
Prices are based in Double Occupancy Prices include Land Arrangement Only Ask for our Special Airfare


3Days/2Nights From $240 per person

Based on Double Occupancy

Day 1
Arrival and Transfer to hotel. Overnight.

Day 2
Tour to Uros and Taquile Islands. This boat trip at The Lake Titicaca, will take us
to the floating Island of The Uros, one of the world’s most impressive attractions.
The Islands are made of Totora a reed that grows in the waters of the lake.
There we will continue to Taquile Island. This Island is completely cultivated in
Andenes  and keeps the cultural standards that people used to have in the past pre-
Inca and Inca time.
Return to Puno. Overnight.

Day 3
Tour to Chullpas de Sillustami. This funerary towers, where The Collas buried their
Nobles and rugs, are located at 35 km from Puno on the way to Juliaca,
Surrounded by the Umayo Lake.
Sillustami is considered a magical and religious site used as special place for
Transfer to Airport.

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